Saturday, March 14, 2020

Some Transitions

In early February we returned to our MO home, having been in our WA home since Christmas. We finally pulled the trigger on something we have talked about for some years and listed our property (we call it Peaceful Acres, our 4,600 square foot home on five acres). We designed this house ourselves and selected every tiny thing in it. We have loved living here for a season of our lives, but we look forward to what comes next. The great thing is, it’s our choice.

We spent a lot of time de-stashing and getting the house ready to show. We are now in a holding pattern and not expecting a lot of activity right now, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everything is slowed down. So, we will continue to enjoy this place until it sells. We will be looking for a smaller place, on one level. The two of us are sort of rolling around in this big house!

One of the things we have loved about this place is seeing all the wildlife. This robin nearly killed himself flying repeatedly into the glass door on our deck. But I liked seeing him, a harbinger of spring.

Now that the world has sort of shut down until the pandemic passes through, we are spending a lot of time inside.

 I caught up with my scrapbooking. I kept putting off getting back into painting, because it has been weeks and I wasn’t sure I could still produce a decent piece of art!

Today I actually completed a watercolor project. 

So, now that I realize I can still come up with a product, the fear is gone, and I’ll get back in the groove of regular painting, while keeping up with the other routines of life.

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