Monday, February 11, 2019

“Real” Watercolor {Watercolor Practice}

So, every now and then, as I play around with whimsical, what I call “hobby art,” I wish I could do “real” watercolor art. It’s not the same. “Real” watercolor artists are so good, and I love the look of the art (though I tend to favor the more vibrant colors, even in watercolor, than the pale colors that many artists use).

I followed along with a free tutorial to create this pear. It really looked a lot better before I applied the “finishing” touches. The teacher said, “You may be tempted to quit now, before the final touches.” She was right, and I should have! It was not easy, and I was pretty tired of yellow and yellow-green before I finished! I have a short attention span.

Actually, the reference photo for this piece was a much riper pear than this one. Mine needs to ripen for a few days before it is ready to eat!

Also, I didn’t have all the same brushes and paints that she used. Maybe that’ll be my excuse…

Just wanted to document this, because I am hoping maybe I can find other classes or tutorials and actually learn a bit more about doing “real” watercolor art.

Meanwhile, I will certainly continue to use my “hobby art” on my Bible pages and in my sketch book!

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Pastor Mark said...

That's really, really good Mom. Love it.