Tuesday, May 8, 2018

God’s Colorful Creation {Around Peaceful Acres}

We have so enjoyed watching the birds come to our feeders. Who knew? We should’ve put feeders out a long time ago!

The most colorful birds are the goldfinch, cardinals, male grosbeak, and several varieties of woodpeckers. But just last weekend, we were visited by indigo buntings and Baltimore orioles. They have become regular visitors the last few days, so it looks like they are going to stay.

We read that they sometimes the Baltimore orioles only pass through, but may be enticed to nest if oranges are out for them to eat. They are stunning.

“Male and female created He them.”

We also have a young raccoon who has visited a couple of times. He hasn’t learned yet that he is not supposed to come out during the day. The seeds that have fallen to the ground are just too tempting.

I hope to soon capture some good photos of the remarkable indigo bunting and the beautiful male grosbeak.

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