Thursday, November 9, 2017

He is Near {Bible Art, HeartStrings}

Bible Art Ps 34_18

This passage came to mind today, from years of having Bible passages tucked away in my memory. I knew I wanted to art journal on this passage. I got out my She Reads Truth Bible (CSB, a version that is gaining in popularity, I hear). I love this translation of this verse.

As I was turning to the passage, one of the She Reads Truth Devotionals happened to be on the back side of that passage (you can see the shadowing of my little girl on this picture of the page). The devotional thought was meaningful and inspirational to me. Perhaps it will be to you.

Even when God seems far away, and I may not be able to see Him clearly, I do know, and trust, that I am never out of His sight. That is comforting.

Never Out of Sight (She Reads Truth CSB)

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Bible Art Ps 34_18

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