Monday, April 11, 2016

Food for My Table {Gratitude52 Art Journal} {Family}

G52 Prompt 14 Food

Prompt #14 for my 2016 Gratitude52 Art Journal (have there already been 14 weeks in this year?? Wow!) is “Sketch, quote or illustrate your thankfulness for fresh food.”

I love fresh food, and there is something about the season of Spring that makes me even more desirous and appreciative of FRESH food. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always appetizing, and I do love fresh lime!

Again, this is one of those gratitude prompts that makes me realize how much I take some blessings for granted—simple blessings for me; but I should stop more often to realize that some basic things that I take for granted—like shelter, water, food…are not so readily available to everyone.

We just returned from a very brief getaway with our son and daughter-in-law. We were only gone 2-3 days, and one of the things we enjoyed on our trip (about 3 hours from Ridgefield, WA, to Sisters, OR) was lots of wonderful food (oh, and lots of coffee as well—the Sisters Coffee Company roasts and grinds THE BEST)!!

So, this week’s prompt “food on the table” certainly was in keeping with our enjoyable mini-vacation.

(Note: Eating was not our only activity! Just posting these particular photos because they fit with this week’s Gratitude52 prompt!)



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