Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas With Siblings

We enjoyed a special time in our home, celebrating our annual Sibling Christmas.

Russell and me, Janene (sister) and her husband David (who is my husband's brother), Keith (brother) and his wife Michele

Always lots of time spent in the kitchen! Duh!

Stockings from Christmases at our grandparents (60+ years)

Just wanting to do something special for my brother this year, I commissioned a friend, Jenny Frith, to paint a pet portrait of Keith’s special Belle, who has been gone for a few years now. Jenny’s work is incredible, and I highly recommend her.

My siblings and our spouses always enjoy our special times together. Daddy has been gone since 1988, and Mother passed in 2013. Since it’s “just us,” it is even more important to us to get together, laugh, cry, eat, drink coffee, play family games, and remember. We are always remembering. The memories are good.

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