Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Passages for a Crisis {Scripture Cards}

Scripture Cards Peace

Yesterday I faced a possibility that was out of my control and frightening. I didn’t know how long the crisis might last. I asked for prayer from some close family members. My daughter-in-law sent me some thoughts she had read in a devotional that morning. It was a reminder that God is ready to supply his peace to His followers, if we only ask. He, in fact, supplies ALL of our needs, all of the time, in every situation.

There were three Scripture passages referenced in the reading she sent to me. I memorized those three and added one of my favorites (Isaiah 26:3) and prayed those verses repeatedly during the 12-hour period until God resolved the crisis.

God did give me a sense of calm and peace. In the end, He answered all my prayers about the entire situation, in such a short matter of time. I was left, once again, in awe of His greatness, His mercy, His grace.

Inspired by Patter Cross at, I have decided to add to my “project areas” with Scripture Cards. These are like little miniature art journal pages. Mine will be done on 3 1/2” x 5 1/4” pieces of mixed media paper and stored in a binder with pocket page protectors. This is my first attempt, and I chose the four verses that have meant so much to me in the last couple of days. I collaged vintage music and vintage book pages on the cards and then stamped and painted.

These cards will always be a reminder of how God takes care of me. All the time. And how I don’t deserve His blessings. But then, that’s grace.


SCarol said...

Barbara, these are beautiful! Such a good idea to make these cards for verses we need to know and hold on to and pray. I'm so glad the crisis was resolved so quickly, but then we shouldn't be surprised - our heavenly Father is just so awesome! Blessings.

Barbara said...

Thanks for your comment, Susan, and you are so right about our awesome God. Merry Christmas.

Nancy Happily said...

Praise be to God! What a wonderful gift our merciful Father has given you, in bringing you through a tough time. And in blessing all of us with your beautiful gift of art. Thank you for sharing your faith and your art.

Barbara said...

Nancy, what an inspiration your comment is to me this morning. Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to comment.