Monday, November 17, 2014

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Ornaments

One of my Christmas trees is decorated with some of my “art” projects. I came across an idea (inspired by Stephanie Ackerman) for making ornaments, and it fit “my style,” so I went for it. They were a little more involved than I anticipated (always the case), but I do like how they turned out. We won’t put the tree up quite yet, so they are waiting in a basket.

Meanwhile, I am over-involved (as I always am at this time of year) with art projects, Bible studies, and holiday preparations. Now that I have the ornaments finished, I’ll focus more on the Advent Journal I am making, using a children’s board book. It has been quite a project,  just to “prep” the journal. I know the time I spend on the devotional studies for the journal will help me focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

Good to be back in Missouri and readying for family to be with us for the holidays!

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