Monday, September 1, 2014

Bible Journaling Journey

My newfound passion is to use my techniques from art journaling and scrapbooking to “artistically” journal directly into my Bible. I learned about this through an online friend, Stephanie Ackerman.

Who knew there was a Bible specifically for note-takers (that would be me), with wide outer margins and pages that are a bit heavier than typical Bibles. This is the one I ordered.

Bible for Journaling

My only complaint is that the print size is 7.5 point. After much research, that seems to be the best I can do, if I want wide margins.

So, I decided to dive right in, using a Scripture passage from my daily devotional email from Proverbs 31.

First Page in Bible Journal-unfailing love

Right away I realized I needed to come up with my own solutions to some of the challenges like wrinkled paper, bleed-through, etc. I learned that if I want to use paint or stamps, I should put down a thin layer of matte medium first. So, I’m still working on my own “style” for Bible journaling, but I’m feeling more confident, because I am DOING IT.

Another page, with a good reminder:

my heart and my treasure

Matthew 6:21: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I am excited to have a new challenge that combines my love of art and journaling with my desire to delve more deeply into God’s Word.


kate said...

hi - found you thru the 29 faces challenge site. I'm interested in the on-line study of Esther that you mentioned. can you provide the site? Thanks.

Barbara said...

Hi, Kate...I am doing the Esther study through Love God Greatly ( but one reason I didn't post the link is because I'm fairly certain the deadline has passed for registration for this particular study.

Maša said...

Now this is the most unique study of the bible I've ever seen! Wonderful.

Barbara said...

Note to Kate: I edited the blog post and took out the reference to the Esther study, as I found a different online study that I will pursue:

Nancy Happily said...

I really like this Bible you shared, thanks! Is it published by Crossway? You did a free Bible based art journal a little while back. Is that one going to repeat, or is it a self starter? Thanks for answering my questions, I appreciate it so much. Blessings, Nancy

Barbara said...

Nancy, yes, it is published by Crossway. I got mine from, black, hard-back, ESV single-column journaling Bible. My only complaint is that the print is 7.5, really too small for me. But any larger print usually means narrower margins for journaling. Can you tell me more about the Bible-based art journal you mean--was it Mindy Lacefield's Sunday Mornings class? I doubt it will repeat (it was great), but there is a new one starting September 14, called Kingdom Come, free also. Go to to check it out! Let me know if this is not what you meant!