Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Art Journal Collage: Nostalgia

journal52 week 27 nostalgia

I discovered a challenge blog that gives art journal prompts for each week of the year. It’s already midyear (this is Week 27), and I don’t like being behind, but I do like the idea. I’ll do these projects as a single page and then put them in a binder. This week’s prompt at Journal52 is “Nostalgia.”

Someone in the group mentioned that she is such a forward-thinking person that it is hard for her to think of anything for the “nostalgia” prompt. I wanted to say, “Honey, when you’ve lived a few more years, it will not be difficult at all. Being forward-thinking doesn’t mean you can’t have (and savor) memories.”

In fact, I have always maintained that memory-keeping and memory-recalling are such life-enrichers.

One of my many, many favorite memories is from my early childhood, my first experiences at “school.” I have always loved school. Sometimes it seems that, in my memory, I was either in school or playing school until I became a teacher. I admit that my favorite thing about school was buying school supplies and getting everything ready to “do my homework.”

This collage is attached to a 140# watercolor paper so that it is sturdy for putting in the binder. Most of my art journal work is mixed media, mainly painting, so this collage is quite different. But it was really fun.

(Yes, that is my first grade school picture, from only 60 years ago. My school did not have kindergarten. And yes, my first reader was Dick and Jane.)

Most of the materials for this collage were left-overs from a minibook I created about our primary school years (my husband and myself). If you would like to see this album, I blogged about it here.

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