Friday, April 11, 2014

Springtime Daisies {Art Journal}

shout to the lord daisies

Often I notate, “inspired by {insert artist’s name}”…but in some cases, I really should notate, “copied from…” instead.  Such is the case with this piece, not only inspired by, but virtually “copied from” Dion Dior. I am brazenly submitting this to her Friday Sketches challenge. Although I did not “watch” her create this piece, and no doubt her process was much more skilled and meticulous than was mine (after all, she does possess “the skill”), I did use her piece as a work to “copy.”

In my thinking, if I can start to learn to copy the work of others, after much practice, it may possibly lead to my being able to originate ideas for art that I love! Since I have no training, it is better to start somewhere than not to start at all! Isn’t it?


gloria vivas said...

It's beautiful. Barbara, very spring! Beautiful colors.

Unknown said...

your copy is very good..I actually thought it was Dion's work!

Laila said...

I love your daisies. To copy is a great thing while learning, but it's also important to credit the artist who inspired your work, which you did here. And you're right, Dion is a wonderful and skilled artist.

SCarol said...

I love your flowers and of course its better to start like this. Inspiration comes in many ways.