Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring in My Heart {if not in the air—YET}

coffee cup sailboatpretty pink flower

I have been gone on a pleasant family trip for a couple of weeks and am just now back in my “studio” gearing up for some spring projects. I am working in the 2014 Scrapbook, a Smash Journal, a Healthy Lifestyle Bible Study Journal, among other projects.

Watercolor fascinates me, and yet when I have “looked into” classes on watercolor, I find it is just not me. But I have some artist friends who encourage the whimsical, do-whatever-you-like style, and I’m good with that. For example, watercolor is often very, well, “washed” out. In this phase of my life, I am drawn more to intense colors. So, MY watercolor will tend to be more intense than “real” artists would do.

These pieces were done on watercolor paper (I found an inexpensive 140# tablet for children at Target). The paints are real watercolor paints (although I sometimes use NeoColor Crayons, not this time).

I admit to still being surprised that I can actually freehand sketch ANYTHING. I’m very grateful for my eraser.

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Unknown said...

I can pretty much say "ditto" to all your comments on water coloring. Lol. I want to learn. But have no time and know no one. I'm learning through trial and error and on You Tube. There are some great artists in the watercolor arena no doubt. But I have to say you are doing pretty well as far as I'm concerned. I love the coffe cup sailboat. How cute!!! Have a happy week! God bless

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Love the tea cup turned into a boat! What creativity! Your drawings are fabulous!