Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 Smash Journal Started

photo album reorganization

In addition to traditional scrapbooking (which I keep current) and art journal projects, another fun thing that I do is to keep a Smash Journal. It is the place where I go to be random, and where I use photos, memorabilia and embellishments that I am not using in my traditional scrapbooks.

I typically use most of the background page that is already there in the Smash Journal. This particular album is the light teal one, called Retro. This page had some elements that I did not want to use, so I simply covered them with some card stock that I had on hand that coordinated with the colors on this page, which I did like. I added a couple of Cameo cutouts (the number stack and the “before” and “after” words).

“Smash*ing” is fun and another one of those “areas” where I can enjoy both the process and the product (both are necessary for me).

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