Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keys to 2012-MiniBook: Scripture Verse-of-the Month

I finished my 2012 book today. I love looking back through it to see the verses that were especially meaningful to me throughout the year. (To enlarge, click on each picture.)

1-Outside of 2012 Verse of the Month Minibook





3-Feb and March

February and March


4-April and May

April and May


5-June and July

June and July


6-Aug and Sept

August and September


7-Oct and Nov

October and November





9-2012 Verse of the Month Minibook


~Lisa said...

This is an ABSOLUTELY STUNNING book!!! I am a member of the ATT group and have been admiring all your tags you have posted the last few months, which by the way, are quite beautiful as well!!
Just thought I would let you know and hope you didn't think I was a "stalker from a far"!!
I love the passion you put into your work as well as the verses you post. Having been raised in a non religious family, your choice of verses & quotes have been very uplifting & inspiring to me as well. I just wanted to let you know that somewhere in CA, you manage to put a smile on a face!!
Keep up the awesome job with being creative. When you have doubts or don't like something, you may not realize that it gives others ideas and they like it!!

Have a Wonderful & Joyous Holiday!

~Lisa said...

I am a member of the ATT group and wanted to let you know that you did an OUTSTANDING on this book!! I've enjoyed seeing your posts for the past couple of months of all your tags.
Growing up and coming from a non-religious family, I really know nothing of the bible. However, the verses you used always seemed to give me some comfort and I could find the meaning in them in someway.
Just really wanted to let you know what an amazing job you do with all your creativity!! Don't ever doubt yourself, I bet you're not even aware of how you inspire people, even with the things you may not like!! Keep the creative juices flowing, they really are great!!
Wishing you and your family a Wonderful & Joyous Holiday!
~Lisa Dunsmore

Barbara said...

Lisa, thank you for taking the time to share encouragement for me! I am so glad to know that my posts have been an inspiration for you. And it's so nice to know that someone out there is smiling because of something I shared! That's awesome! Merry Christmas!

Tiff said...

Oh my word Barbara...what can I say.. this is incredibly beautiful!! What a stunning reminder of God's personal love story to you!! What a blessing to us all and a legacy to your family. Im in awe and crying tears of joy being reminded that God love story to each of us is personal and effectual! May the Lord continue to bless you, as you have blessed me.
btw..are those verses that you kept clinging to throughout that month or was it based on a devotional? Either way...gorgeous.

Scrappin' Stacy said...

Your book came out beautifully! Love the idea of making a page a month and having a completed book at th nd of the year. Wonderful job. Have a very merry Christmas!

Dorothy said...

I love making mini books! You hit this one out of the park!!!

Barbara said...

Tiff, thank you so much for your encouraging words. The verses I choose are not from a devotional. I'm pretty spontaneous with it, actually. Sometimes I'm in the "mode" of a holiday that falls in that month (for example, for February I was thinking about "the heart" and for November, Thanksgiving and for December, Christmas). In September, I always think of Back to School, so I was thinking about studying. You get the idea. But almost always, a verse just comes to mind that has to do with the topic I am considering for that month's page. I would never say that I have a lot of Scripture memorized. But as time passes (notice my wording--instead of saying "the older I get") is very often that a verse just comes into my head. Usually it is without the reference, and in KJV (because that's the version I memorized from as a young person). Then I have to search to find the entire verse and the reference. For December, the "unspeakable gift" passage came into my memory, in full, from the KJV. Still had to look up the reference! I want to add that to read that I have "blessed" someone is an extremely high compliment, and thank you!

Beverly Sager said...

Barb, to echo what has already been said so eloquently in previous comments, your work is always inspiring and is indeed a blessing. I am so glad that you joined the ATT group so that our paths crossed. I always enjoy seeing your art. God has blessed you with a gift of communication, through music and art!

Unknown said...

I believe that for next year I will be sending a verse a month to a friend or two, with an easel(~especially for my shut in friends and terminally ill ones) but with a way for them to save them together to make a book.!! Your pages are a beautiful inspiration! God is glorified~

Unknown said...

What an inspiration! I am going to use these ideas (and verses) for my own project for my terminally ill friends and shut ins--I am going to send them one each month and an easel to display them. I will also send them a ring to hook it to, to keep it at the end of a year. God is praised through you!

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

AWESOME!!!! What a keepsake!!!!

Ntsisterz said...

Each page is lovelier than the next. I am in awe of your endless creativity and design. Thank you for your inspiration.

Marjie Kemper said...

What a treasure! I wish I could see this in person. It's fabulous! That "STUDY" page really jumps off the screen... what a pleasure it must be to hold this beautiful book in your hands and reflect.

Anne Payne said...

WOW! This is FABULOUS!!! What a wonderful way to remember the year. Thanks for sharing :)