Friday, August 17, 2012

When “Back to School” Becomes “Off to School”

Yes, I do have “back to school” in my heart. But this year, the “circle of life” is very real for our family. The importance of the  “beginning of a new school year” began for me in 1953, when I started first grade in Blue Eye, Missouri (see my mini book for more details).

Barbara Kay grade 1 Blue Eye edited w gordon effect in plxlexp

Barbara Kay - 1st Grade

Then I graduated from high school, got married and started college, all in 1965.

Barbara studio senior picture pose 2

Barbara – Senior Picture (1965)

Then, before I knew it, my firstborn (Mark) was starting school (1975). Two years after that, my baby girl (Sharida) started school (1977).

Mark and Sharida Feb 1976

Mark and Sharida (Feb 1976)

I turned around once, maybe twice, and we were taking our firstborn off to college (1988), closely followed by his sister’s leaving the nest (1990).

Mark Valedictorian HS May 1988

Mark – HS Senior 1988 (valedictorian)

Sharida HS Valedictorian May 1990

Sharida – HS Senior 1990 (valedictorian)

Another minute or two passed, and my firstborn’s firstborn (Tory) was starting kindergarten (1999), and my daughter’s firstborn (Alyssa) started school that same year.

Tory Slides 1999-002

Tory and Alyssa – just before starting KG (1999)

I turned around again and, yesterday, August 16, 2012, our firstborn (Mark) took his firstborn (Tory) to college. Our daughter (Sharida) will take her daughter (Alyssa) to college on Sunday.

Tory Sr Pics 2012-004

Tory – Senior Picture (2012)

Alyssa Sr002 edited blemishes

Alyssa – Senior Picture (2012)

The Circle of Life. It never ceases to amaze me. Now, we celebrate three generations of “Back to School” becoming “Off to School.” And, it happened so quickly! I say “celebrate” because it really is a celebration of many years of blessings. (That does NOT mean there have not been rivers of tears these last few months!)


Marjie Kemper said...

Oh Barb... what a heartfelt and personal post. I feel it (and fear it, as mine are in middle and high school and even this seems way too fast). Hugs.

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Your best creation yet!!! Gorgeous! You have a beautiful family Barbara!

ROC REV said...

Wow you really have a way of putting things in a nutshell. It's really all kind of staggering. Thanks for always putting our memories into a form that we can't forget!

Keith Wilson said...

Amazing to think about. And so many memories in between each of those "turn arounds" that it would take an Internet-sized memory album to hold them all!

Barbara said...

It IS staggering just to think how quickly time literally flies. And, yes, there are so many memories in between each "turn around." I have many of them recorded in my life story and in photos and albums. But, it truly would take an internet-sized memory album to hold them all! I have always believed there is much value in "remembering."