Monday, January 9, 2012

Cupcakes with Tory

I have two granddaughters. They are the sweetest and most beautiful girls on earth. Seriously. One of my granddaughters (Alyssa) lives several hours away, so I am not able to spend as much time with her as I would like. My other granddaughter (Tory) lives close to me, and I enjoy getting to spend time with her.

01-08-12 Tory 

Tory is very thoughtful, sensitive, sincere, caring, loving, and not afraid to show love for her family. She is always tuned in to how I am feeling, and is just a blessing and a joy to be around. One evening recently, we made some cupcakes for Grandad and Tory’s brother Conner. Using a Valentine theme, we made white cupcakes, with some dark pink frosting and some white frosting. I decorated the first one, but mine looked rather droopy. It’s the one on the far end :-(

Then Tory took over and somehow was already a pro. She gave me some tips, and I got better at it, with her help!

01-07-12 Tory decorating cupcakes

01-07-12 Tory with cupcakes

Grandad and Conner’s chess game ended just in time for dessert, but I have a feeling they would’ve been happy to “pause” the game anyway!

My grandchildren top my list of “life’s greatest blessings.”


Annette Witherspoon ♥ said...

I just now saw your kind comment on my blog. Thank you so much!! You have a very beautiful family. I love the photos of everyone singing at the piano at Christmastime! I am now following you in return! Thanks again.

Barbara said...

Annette, thank you for the compliments! My family IS very special, and they are my motivation for my crafting and blogging!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Granddaughters are indeed one of lifes blessings...your granddaughter is LOVELY.
I have only ONE..her name is Dawn ...and twin grandsons...both out of college and working at good jobs.
Our granddaughter is married and in the Air Force...she is married to an "Airman" too. They live in UTAH..sadly nowhere near us now.

One of my favorite kind of people are love that look.
When I had my Portrait very favorites ( Shhhh...) were the little redheaded kids that came in for their portraits.
NONE of my family are redheads.
The one readheaded boy at the piano looks a bit like Prince Harry.