Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

I can hardly believe it when I hear myself say “46 years!” Wow! Yesterday we celebrated our anniversary in our typical fashion: a nice dinner out and a lot of reminiscing.


We realize that our relationship is a direct blessing from God. We thank Him for who He is in our lives.

Russell came to my 8th grade grad Russellville may 1961

This was one of our first times to be “together.” Russell and his family attended my 8th grade graduation. I know, disgusting, isn’t it? (I think it’s so cute that his jacket is buttoned crooked.)

For our 46th, the nice gift I received from my husband has been on my “wish list” for a long time: front-loading washer and dryer. I think I’m really going to love them. They were delivered and installed yesterday, but the installers didn’t do a great job with the dryer vent. When I dried the first load, hot air poured into my laundry room, giving the first clue to the disappointing realization that there was a huge rip in the dryer vent pipe. Not good!

Fortunately, my awesome husband and son put their heads—and their tools--together today, to come up with a great solution. It’s now even better than when the house was built six years ago!


Happy Anniversary to me!

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Amanda K said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Here's to many more year together :) and ♥ the washer/dryer, such pretty colors!