Sunday, August 28, 2011

Feeling Praise-ful

Birthday Gift Prayer Journal & Verses

My Prayer Journal (gift from son’s family) has become a favorite place to record some of my thoughts and prayers. I wrote this today:

Today was a good day. I was so stressed about a situation, and though I had turned it over to God, I kept taking it back. Give God the stress, take it back, repeat cycle. That’s what I do so many times. I’m such a work in progress. But He was again patient with me, patted the top of my head and took care of it, as He always does. Now I’m just left with the feeling that I want to praise my awesome God.

While reading one of my books this evening, I came across these praises, and although they are given as suggestions for difficult circumstances, they are good prayers of praise for me today, recognizing that God is in control.

From Lysa TerKeurst, from Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl:

God, circumstances change, but I praise you because you never do.

God, I praise you for never leaving me.

God, I praise you for being trustworthy.

God, I praise you that you are with me in this moment, and you stand in my tomorrow as well.

*God, I praise you for being the wisdom I can lean on when I have none of my own.

God, I praise you for your love and your compassion that never fails.

*This is my favorite. It seems so many times I find myself asking God to help me know what to do in a situation where I truly do not have the answer myself. I am thankful that I do not have to know everything, and that I know the One who DOES have all the answers.

Today is just one of those days when my heart is full, of praise for my Lord and Savior.

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