Sunday, July 3, 2011

Just Trees

We had a terrible windstorm through our property this afternoon. The winds were straight-line winds, but did a lot of damage. We lost several trees. Some were downed in the cul de sac and in the entry to our drive. Our son and grandson came out and helped Russell with cutting up and stacking the brush so that the street and driveway were passable. These are pictures I took of the damage close to our driveway and cul de sac; several other trees are down on our five acres. The two rootwads represent trees that were totally uprooted by this wind. The larger rootwad is larger than our Mule (golf cart size). The tree was huge.

We are thankful it was just trees and not the house, or us. However, we are sorry to see so much damage to our woods that we love.

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