Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lifelong Christmas Wish

I am so blessed. There are truly not very many things, at this stage of my life, about which I can say, “I have always wanted, but never had…..” What evidence of a blessed life! My goodness.

Still, I guess it’s the “little girl” in me, or maybe the “big girl,” or, okay, I’ll say it, the “old girl"—that has always wanted, but never had, Christmas lights on my house.

This year, my husband made it happen. After 45 years of marriage, I have lights on my house at Christmas, for the first time! And let me say that they needed to be multi-colored lights—the kind that used to be on my Christmas trees. I have three trees in my house now, but they all have white/clear lights. I needed to see the colors of “real” Christmas lights.

My husband says that his greatest joy in life is taking care of me. I say that my greatest joy in life is being taken care of by him. Just kidding, on the previous sentence. Sort of. But, really, I feel very special that he granted this Christmas wish for me this year.

Oh, but of course I am spoiled. I know that. But, for me, for today, that’s okay, I think. And, I choose to think of it more as being “blessed."  And that I am.

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sharida said...

AWESOME!!! I love it. And gorgeous. Love the Wreaths, too.