Friday, August 20, 2010

Doo Dah Day--August 2010

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We enjoyed a special Doo Dah Day on the Saturday before Tory and Conner went back to school. I forgot my "real" camera, but the iPhone camera was better than nothing! Grandad and Conner explored the Golf store and then had lunch and took in a guy movie. Mamo and Tory shopped at Charming Charlie's and then had lunch at a new Tea Room. After planning our menu at Starbucks, we gals did the grocery shopping. All together back at home, we made dinner while the guys played Texas Hold 'Em (Conner won). The guys grilled the steaks, and the meal was delicious. Afterward, we all played Balderdash (Tory won).


Unknown said...

Haha that was so fun! I always look forward to our Doo Dah Days!

ROC REV said...

To try to estimate the unbelievably positive influence that you and Dad have been on Tory and Conner would be impossible. I'm pretty stinking proud of them, and I need to remember that you guys should get a ton of the credit! I'm so glad you guys still do these things with the kids and THEY LOVE IT.

sharida said...

What a neat idea!! :-)